For over 75 Years we have provided services, technology, equipment, man power and consulting to the maritime industry representing niche organizations, governmental agencies, ship owners, operators, charterers, cargo facilities, seafarers, ferry operators, and virtually all sectors within the maritime realm in the US and globally. We provide a real time, boots on the ground perspective unmatched by any other in the security realm.

Many other security organizations provide a wide umbrella of services to all sectors specializing in corporate event security, residential security and entertainment security, but not at MOMPS. We specialize solely in the intermodal maritime and transportation sector. Our approach guarantees your organization that our staff solely concentrates on your needs and requirements. Our strength is our people and our understanding of the unique intricacies of all facets of the maritime industry. Our Managers average over 20 years agency experience with the Company and our staff work daily in the field on board ships, at sea and at cargo facilities. This dedicated team represents a diverse and committed skill base, which includes maritime security experts, Captains, Mariners, former and active Coast Guard, ship operators, charterers, brokers and inspectors.

We pride ourselves in being able to work within your budget in order to save you funds that are being spent on services, programs. Based on today’s current threats our initiatives provide you with the secure environment that you deserve and require to operate. Our 20 locations directly servicing over 100 U.S. ports with remote offices and staff, work globally on assignments and projects anywhere in the world. We are the only organization dedicated exclusively to maritime and capable of providing security in all 361 U.S. ports and around the world.

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• MOMPS staff with MARAD Administrator Sean Connaughton

• MOMPS staff with Press Secretary Ari Fliescher

• MOMPS staff with Senator Lautenberg

• MOMPS staff with Director Grant of US Port Security Council

MOMPS ISO, ANAB, UKAS certified Chamber of Shipping of America ASBA PortStar NASBLA NMLEA