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A Strategic and Regional Overview, what do we need to prepare for?

July 05 2013

Daniel Van Duzer, Andrew Black and Jeffrey Milstein of MOMPS addressing the 2012 Africa Ports and Harbor Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

USCG Recognition

May 08 2013

MOMPS staff recognized by the USCG Commandant as part of the team to receive inaugural USCG AMSC of the Year award in the Port of New York/New Jersey read more..

MOMPS Rescue

January 30 2013

MOMPS Staff coordinates rescue on board Grey Shark after Chief Engineer has heart attack read more..

Terrorism, Pirates, and Blowing the Whistle on Commercial Fishing Before it Causes the Next Big Attack

December 21 2011

There are many different types of possible terrorists, but the simplest definition for the successful ”terrorist” is: one supported by an organization capable of significant funding read more..

Ten Pirates Beaten to Death in Bangladesh

December 15 2011

Ten pirates wounded in a gunfight with police were later beaten to death by a mob in Bhola’s Bhashan Char on Monpura estuary yesterday afternoon. read more..

Overfishing Ourselves out of the Maritime Industry and Defense of the Homeland

December 14 2011

What happens if this threat continues not to be ignored, as well as how we can start to solve this by being proactive read more..

Sidelights October 2011

October 01 2011

Piracy… Despite efforts, it just won’t go away read more..

Moran Shipping, NMLEA, & NASBLA Form Strategic Alliance

September 11 2011

In the continuing effort towards the fight on terrorism and the ability to provide heightened awareness, training and education on the maritime home front read more..

United States’ maritime security advances with new strategic alliance

September 03 2011

This past Wednesday, gCaptain was invited on board the presidential yacht Sequoia to witness the forging of a unique alliance aimed at increasing the maritime security of the United States. read more..

New maritime and port security training alliance launched

September 02 2011

Even as we approach the tenth anniversary of September 11, it is clear that more needs to be done to protect shipping, offshore energy structures and port infrastructure from terrorist and pirate attacks. read more..

Securing the supply chain – Tankers could be lethal weapons

August 11 2011

Delegates to the 2011 Port Security Conference of Canada in Richmond, B.C. were told by Jeffrey Milstein, operations manager with Moran Shipping Agencies Inc., of New York, there is a destructive low-tech alternative to a weapon harnessing the power suggested in Einstein’s iconic equation. read more..

Ship agents play vital role in shoreside security

January 30 2008

SHIPS’ agents have the potential to be the single most influential element of shoreside security but institutionalised neglect might well make them potentially the most dangerous security “gap” read more..

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